Kutu Event Solutions

Mobile Event Lockers

Unleash convenience and security with Kutu's cloud-based lockers.


Wireless, Portable, and Adaptable

Break free from the constraints of wired lockers. Kutu's lockers are completely wire-free, effortlessly movable, and customizable, making them the ideal solution for dynamic events. Whether it's a music festival, corporate conference, or trade show, Kutu can easily adapt to your changing needs.

Versatile Column Design

Kutu offers lockers in various sizes, arranged in columns for efficient use of space. Tailor the configuration to suit your event, from compact lockers for personal items to spacious ones for bags and equipment.


No Wiring, No Electricity

Kutu's advanced encrypted locking system operates independently, eliminating the need for data lines or access to electricity. This ensures the highest level of security for your attendees' belongings.

Effortless Cloud-Based Rentals

Introducing an innovative rental system accessible through a user-friendly cloud-based software. Event organizers, production companies, and furniture and hardware rental companies can easily manage locker rentals via our platform.


QR Code Convenience

Each Kutu locker features a QR code, granting quick and hassle-free access to the rental system. No app downloads are required, streamlining the process for both organizers and attendees.

How Kutu Works

Event Planning

Tailor your locker configuration to match your event's unique requirements.

Rental Management

Utilize our cloud-based software to set rental rates, monitor locker availability, and seamlessly oversee locker reservations.

User-Friendly Experience

Attendees simply scan the QR code on their chosen locker, complete payment using their preferred method, and enjoy secure storage for the duration of the event.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured that their belongings are protected and secure within our encrypted lockers.


Benefits of Kutu

Enhanced Security

Our encrypted lockers provide top-tier security, ensuring attendees' peace of mind.


Bid farewell to long lines and waiting times with our straightforward rental system.


Event organizers can optimize locker space usage and generate extra revenue through locker rentals.


Reduce the need for electricity and wiring, contributing to a greener, more sustainable event.


Kutu lockers are designed to be easily relocated and configured to adapt to your event's changing needs.

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Your Event, Your Way!

Kutu offers a modern, hassle-free solution for event storage and security. Experience the future of locker technology with Kutu—your attendees will thank you, and your event will shine. Discover Kutu and unlock a new era of convenience, mobility, and security for your next event! For more information and pricing, please contact us today.