Kutu Smart Locker Solutions

Kutu develops and manages SMART LOCKER SOLUTIONS that can be easily integrated to your processes.

The most flexıble Locker Solutıon

Personel storage, delivery, returns, asset management... Whatever you need when it comes to a locker solution, with its state of the art innovative software and locks, Kutu provides the best service and the most cost effective option.


Easy Installation & Modular Design

A standalone mailbox or hundreds of units at once. Kutu takes care of all your short term storage needs easily with its hardware options that does not need data line or electricity and an innovative software that runs on your mobile device.


SDKs, Cloud Based Software and API’s

Easily integrate the whole process to your own software via KUTU’s SDK’s and API’s, or build your own service with KUTU's customizable management software and apps.


Say Goodbye to Senseless Costs

With multiple add-on options available, you can add a screen, printer, barcode scanner, and get payment via POS. Or you can do all these and more using KUTU’s mobile device and apps that serve as all these peripherals with no extra cost or maintenance burden.

Product Range

BLUHub, CLA6 and INNOV8 offers you solutions for all your needs.


State of the Art Lockers that Need no Data or Electricity Lines!

Meet BluHub, our cable free locker that offers a very easy usage with Bluetooth tech and a long lasting super durable battery life.

-Minimum maintanence needs thanks to its screen free design

-Easy usage on mobile devices via Bluetooth

-Complelety cable free and no need for data lines or electricity.

-Long lasting battery life of up to 5 years!

-Very easy and quick installation.

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Multi Functional Solutions in a Timeless Classic Style.

Smart lockers where all processes are run via built in screens. Asset management, vending machines..we create solutions for all your storage needs with CLA6.

-Use CLA6 on-premise, or create all cloud based solutions. Use Kutu’s white label apps and API’S for a quick and low cost integration.

-Get access to every locker you want, anytime you want..completely online via GSM or WIFI

-Let KUTU create you the tailor made solution you need and use any add on hardware you need like a card reader or sensor.


There is no limit to its flexibility!

Use a single box or a column. Innov8 provides smart solutions to your individual needs.

-Offers practical use cases and very little maintenance with securely encrypted locks which run on a single battery for years to come.

-Easy to manage over a website via any mobile device. No need for additional peripherals like a screen or barcode reader.

-Create the unique solution you need with either offline encrypted, bluetooth or GSM options.

-Send the passcodes via SMS or email, or print them on your customer's receipt. KUTU has a solution for every scenario.

-Completely cable free! INNOV8 needs no data line or electricty.

-Battery life of up to 5 years!

-No installation needed!


Whıte Label Apps

You don’t have to develop your own software. Let Kutu offer you all the applications you need. Save your precious time and budget for your other needs.

User apps, operator apps, maintenance apps. All mobile applications you need are good to go from day 1. Follow the usage of your lockers via Backoffice, get detailed reports for your performance reviews.


Smart Solutıons for Versatıle Demands

A delivery locker for your orders, an asset management locker to monitor your valuable devices in your facility, a storage locker where you can receive payment from your visitors and create extra revenue. All ready to serve you with Kutu’s customised hardware and software options for every scenario under the sun!

Smart Delivery Lockers

Offer a state of the art 24/7 delivery option to your customers whilst reducing your costs.

Storage Lockers

Receive your payment via application, payment kiosk or your POS device or have your visitors use the lockers for free. Venue guests, festival goers, tourists...Boost your visitors joy and comfort, and create a new and recurrent revenue channel for your company.

Asset Management Lockers

Monitor your valuable assets within your facility, make sure they are charged, keep them locked and safe.

Do you need a
smart locker solutıon?

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